Event fund raisers, that include inflatables, are among the most fun and profitable fund raisers to organize. A Winter Activity Night gives the kids an awesome way to enjoy great fun and activity in the winter months!

How does an inflatable fund raiser work?

Make your Fund Raising Goal in One Night! Inflatable fund raisers make money by selling admission bracelets, tickets, or punch cards to the patrons attending the event. School carnivals, festivals, field days, any event where children could use some fun! We offer bracelet programs or pay-to-play profit sharing. This is the best way to raise money for your organization.

How much do inflatables cost?

We offer a number of package deals or can tailor a package to each Event as needed. This is a great way to get more fun stuff at a discount.

How many inflatables will we need?

The more kids you have, the more attractions you will need to keep the lines short. We also offer Carnival games, Spin Art and Concessions.

What kinds of inflatables are best for a fund raiser?

Inflatables at any event need to be high-throughput. This means that you want rides that a large number of kids per hour can ride on or through. Examples of these would be obstacle courses and slides. Our Obstacles and Slides are the Largest in the Northwest!

How much can we make from an Inflatable Fund Raiser?

Based on a $10 “Play All Night” wristband, a $899 Package (delivery charges may apply) and 300 kids attending, that’s a $2100 profit (just for Inflatables). Concessions and Games only help raise more for your organization.

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